By learning to play the violin, you can develop more neuropathways in your brain, have a greater chance of offsetting future dementia, build your memory muscle, relieve stress, make new friends, and bring joy to yourself and others! 

Want to know how to get started?

You need an instrument that is playable.

Hi! My name is Doctor Ana Maria.

I am a professional violinist, violist, and teacher. I started taking violin lessons through the Suzuki Method when I was two. I am now a Suzuki teacher and parent, and I believe this method is wonderful for strengthening family bonds, developing a sense of pitch, listening skills, and self-discipline. Becoming a professional musician is not the end goal. Instead, developing these life skills and bettering the individual through this and the beauty of music is the goal. 

Are you an adult who wants to learn to play the violin?

Congratulations on such a noble aspiration! I have taught many adults! The benefits are numerous: developing new neural pathways in the brain, a great tool in lessening the probability and/or effects of dementia, a hobby that can be used to meet others through music reading and chamber music groups, calming mental effects, and increased coordination, just to name a few.

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