Online Lessons by Zlata

 Here is a wonderful violin teacher with some online courses of her own. She specializes in teaching bow technique, which is where your beautiful sound will come from! Her name is Zlata Brouwer, and her YouTube channel is called Violin Lounge.

Below, you can find links to her free and paid courses. I am an affiliate for her courses, so if you click on the links below, I will also benefit monetarily from this as well, at no extra cost to you! (If you are just starting the violin at the beginning, I would watch her beginning tutorials on YouTube or on her website, Violin Lounge.

Here are two FREE mini-courses by Zlata:

If you like the above lessons and want more in-depth video lessons from Zlata, check out the below links. (I am an affiliate for Violin Lounge. That means that I receive a commission if you use these links to purchase her programs, at no extra cost to you. By using these links, you will help support my blog and website. Thank you!)

Thank you! Happy Practicing!

-Dr. Ana Maria